Rear loading refuse collection trucks

are intended for use in the communal economy to provide mechanised and hand collection of  solid domestic waste, transportation and mechanised unloading at places of utilisation. 


  Advantages and options of refuse collection trucks:


 - possibility of mechanised loading of solid domestic waste;
 - high waste compaction level;
 - high quality imported components, which guarantee long service life and operational reliability;
 - waste contacting surfaces are made of high quality imported steel HARDOX;
 - modern design and excellent technical characteristics.


  Main technical specifications:


 Container volume, m3 16,5
 Compacting factor 6:1
 Weight of loaded waste, kg 7 000
 Hydraulic drive for the working member
 Manual, mechanised control unit
 Weight of equipment, kg 5 800
 Load type: rear
 Carrier vehicle: MAZ-533702




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