Obligation Carried Out

Metinvest decommissions two coke furnace batteries (No. 6 and No. 7) at Azovstal Iron and Steel Works. This became possible due to the successful completion of commissioning works at a new pulverised coal injection unit at nearby Ilyich iron and Steel Works, Metinvest Group’s media office reports.

“The introduction of the pulverised coal injection technology at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works will provide the company with the possibility to reduce coke consumption significantly. This will enable to optimise Metinvest’s coke and chemicals facilities and decommission Azovstal’s coke furnace batteries No. 6 and No. 7 ahead of schedule. The employees from the decommissioned facilities will join vacant positions at the plant’s other structural subdivisions. The pre-scheduled decommissioning of three coke batteries (coke battery No. 5 was decommissioned this June) will enable to improve the ecological situation in the city of Mariupol significantly”, the report says.

The decommissioning of Azovstal’s coke batteries No. 6 and No. 7 was scheduled for the end of November. Battery No. 7 issued its last coke on October 26, after which it was disconnected from the gas pipe, the employees delivered steam and fixed blinds.

According to Azovstal’s press office, now they are preparing documents to dispose of the battery equipment and dismantle it. Coke furnace battery No. 6 will be decommissioned by November 10.

“Being a socially responsible company, Metinvest is consistent in carrying out its obligations aimed at decreasing development pressure on the city’s environment; moreover, the company decommissions part of its production facilities ahead of schedule”, the media office emphasises.




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