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Development of project designing documentation

Based on the available licenses, Union of Heavy Machinery Factories Ltd develops project designing documentation for the equipment, mechanisms and metal structures for the metal making, machine building, power and coke chemical industries.  

Having wide practical experience and applying modern methods and latest software, UHMF’s highly qualified specialists are specialised in developing project designing documentation for the manufacture of the following product types:

    • mechanical equipment
    • special material handling equipment
    • metal structures for hydro engineering facilities: hydro-electric power stations, thermal power stations, state district power stations and nuclear power stations
    • material handling equipment ((travelling and frame cranes, re-loaders and loading machinery, wagon dumpers, port re-loaders, conveyors, load grasping devices)
    • machines, mechanisms and equipment for the metal making, coke chemical and machine building industries (coke pushing machines, coal loading machines, door extracting machines, doors, jacket-plates, frames for coke furnaces, standpipes for coke gas extraction, heating fittings for coke furnaces, gas and air valves, crushers, electric locomotives, cast iron wagons, sludge wagons, wagons for coke transportation, coke quenching cars, coke dry-quenching plants, gas collectors, skip winches, edging winches, mills, roller beds, presses, shears, etc.)
    • reducing devices  for machine building, metal working and coke chemical industries
    • containers, tanks and apparatuses of various configurations and purposes
    • metal structures of any complexity
    • design of technological and foundry equipment


Project documentation may be developed both as a complete set and for separate projects parts.

At the customer’s option, we can conduct complete set of works: design, installation, start up and commissioning. All works are carried out by our specialists having broad experience in design, installation and maintenance of industrial facilities.

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