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Installation/dismantling works

Installation works mainly include the works performed with fabricated parts.

The structure installation works include delivery to the workplace, installation, adjustment and fixing of fabricated parts and components (steel, concrete, reinforced steel, wooden, asbestos-cement, etc.).

UHMF performs all types of building and installation works. Particularly, the company installs and dismantles the following constructions, mechanisms and equipment:

    • metal and composite frames of buildings, constructions, structures (reinforced-concrete, wooden and composite frames of industrial and production buildings and constructions, arch frameless buildings and constructions, temporary structures)
    • material handling equipment  (portal cranes, tower cranes, frame rail mounted gantries, loading machines, conveyors, wagon dumpers, travelling cranes, frame cranes, overhead cranes, pillar cranes, electric and hand pulleys, gantries)
    • machines and mechanisms (mills, roller beds, agglomeration machines, door extracting machines, coal loading machines, coke-pushing machines, coke dry-quenching plants, electric locomotives, elevators, screens, mills, evaporators, mechanical clarifiers, ammonium and rectification towers, coolers, scrubbers, water towers)
    • engineering facilities  (compressor plants, crane tracks and railways,  overhead roads, weighing stations, pipelines)
    • mechanical  equipment for hydro-technical facilities (water gates, hydraulic locks, trash-rack structures, unit covers, pipelines)


UFHM also performs:

    • electric installation works (laying of power supply networks up to 1000 V, installation of power transformers up to 1000 V, installation of electric equipment).
    • installation of control and measuring equipment and automatic process control systems (automation of control systems of electric power stations and hydro power stations, as well as automatic process control systems for various industry sectors).
    • protection of building structures and equipment against corrosion, insulation works (chemical protection, anticorrosion protection, hydro insulation, thermal insulation, noise insulation, masonry work)


Due to our qualified employees, experienced assemblers and electricians and excellent technical support, any of your orders will be performed professionally, reliably and timely.


License for architecture facility creation  ? 445671

Permit for installation, adjustment, repair and reconstruction of high risk facilities (elevating devices: all types of cranes) ? 1058.06.14-29.51.1 

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