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General Contract

As a rule, the success of any construction project is assessed by means of the correlation between three indicators: terms/price/quality. The optimal correlation between the three indicators in every project depends on a variety of factors and, which is the main thing, on the customer’s request. The level of professional development and the continuous qualification development of UHMF’s engineers and technicians guarantees strict control over technological processes and compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents during the general contract implementation. In its turn, it results in the increase in the quality of the end product – a building, a structure or a set of works.
Speaking about general contract services, we see our principal objective in optimising production processes. General contract suggests close collaboration with subcontractors, suppliers and consultants. We impose very high requirements both to our work and the work of our business partners. It is such an approach to general contract combined with our quality control system that guarantees our succeeding in implementing projects of any scale and complexity.

Particularly, general contract includes the following services:

  • execution and support of permitting documents for construction, reconstruction, capital repair (technical inventory bureaus, cadastre, state supervision, local authorities)
  • project development, execution and approval
  • design and estimate documentation development and approval (including selection)
  • economic feasibility  of the application of implemented engineering solutions (energy saving, labour intensity, etc.)
  • performance of  land preparation, construction, installation, commissioning, electric installation and finishing works
  • execution and support of permitting documents for project commission (state inspection)

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