Serhii Borshchov
Director General

Conducts general operational management of Union of Heavy Machinery Factories Ltd, according to the Articles of Association, representing the company both in Ukraine and outside it. Determines the goals and objectives of the company?s development, provides financial management and determines the financial sources for the plants that the company consists of. more detailed

Sergii Ivchenko
Director of LLC ?Svatove Experimental Foundry Plant?

Manages LLC ?Svatove Experimental Foundry Plant?, a member of Union of Heavy Machinery Factories Ltd. The plant specialises in manufacturing cast components made of carbon and heat-resistant chrome-nickel steel and partially of grey cast iron. Manufactures interchangeable equipment for agglomeration machines, manufactures foundry products for railway carriages. The plant?s production capacity enables to significantly extend the railway products range. more detailed

Volodymyr Kokhan
Director General of LLC ?Coke and Chemical Equipment Plant? (?Zavod Koksohimoborudovanie?)

Ensures the development of the strategic technical, industrial and innovation policy for the subdivisions of LLC ?Coke and Chemical Equipment Plant? (?Zavod Koksohimoborudovanie?). Initiates the introduction of advanced technological and engineering solution. In charge of the quality and terms of manufacturing the equipment. Ensures the development of the company?s production facilities and the selection of functional specialists. more detailed

Kostiantyn Heliuta
Head of the Project Management Department

Manages the construction and reconstruction at the power (thermal power stations) and hydro power (hydro-electric power stations and hydroelectric pumped storage power stations) facilities. Coordinates the contacting organisations? preparation for facility commissioning. Controls current works. Ensures the company?s customer feedback. Prepares analytical reports about the state of the product, service and competitor environment markets in the area of UFHM?s activity. more detailed

Viktor Kabatskyi
Head of the Engineering Department

Responsible for the development of UFHM?s strategic engineering policy in terms of project works. Works with customers on optimising project loads. Controls the development of operational documentation for facility construction and installation. Ensures the preparation of contracts for project works, the development of all design stages and the transfer of the approved design and estimate documentation for construction. more detailed

Svitlana Dadoienkova
Chief Accountant

Responsible for the formation of the reporting policy at UFHM and its subsidiaries. Organises the work with banks and other crediting institutions. Controls the procedure of document execution, the provision of reliable information. Organises the inventory of the material assets of the company and its subsidiaries. Ensures accounting and tax registration, as well as reporting according to the current laws. more detailed

The main principles of UHMF’s operation are partnership and mutual advantage. The individual approach to every client enables to find the most effective schemes and favourable conditions for cooperation, which makes your business develop and gain profits, which, in its turn, gives us an opportunity to grow, too. Business confidence and interaction with customers at all cooperation stages is an ideal basis for long-term and fruitful partnership.


UHMF Ltd maintains the following operational principles:

1. Individual approach to every client. Creating a reserve of interchangeable spare parts for the customers at the company’s warehouses.

2. Flexible price policy!

3. High quality at all stages of project preparation and implementation.

4. Securing contract performance by bank guarantee (subject to coordination with the customers).